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Learning at EISP

A different language is a different vision of life

Federico Fellini

EISP offers an educational programme taught in the English language, aimed at developing the abilities, skills and basic knowledge students need to nurture the integrated development of their personalities. In order for international students to develop their knowledge and appreciation of our country, the curriculum provides the option to study the Italian language, culture and history.

In a traditional teaching method, on one side the teacher delivers the lesson, and on the other pupils simply repeat what they have been told. In this paradigm the student is, therefore, often in a totally passive position: he/she is simply part of the audience. As the children in the elementary school do not have the same ability to concentrate or have the same level of maturity as the students in the secondary school, it is fundamental that they participate actively and be fully involved in the educational process. It is our role, therefore, to engage and stimulate students, to encourage learning through experimenting, investigating and researching, hence promoting the development of reasoning and critical thinking. We thus give importance to personal experiences and observations, in a way that makes it possible to develop a critical mind, essential for success in any sphere.