Entry Criteria

Entry Criteria

Students’ registration at EISP is regulated by specific admissions criteria, apt for evaluating the ability and suitability of each student.


  • 1) Agreeing with School Policy guidelines and following consultation with the Head of School, parents may have the opportunity to anticipate a year group for their child born on or before the 30th April of a particular year.
  • 2) Previous school progress reports, linguistic, social and emotional development assessed through internal screening tests, along with other pertinent information, will be taken into consideration by the school for admission.
  • 3) For students coming from the Italian state school system, the minimum behaviour grade required is 8. For students coming from other educational systems, the behaviour level will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the relevant Head of School or Admission Board.
  • 4) The Italian test will be administered only if the student has a basic level in this language; otherwise the admission will depend on the results of the English, Mathematics and Cognitive Abilities tests.
  • 5) These year groups represent the end of an educational cycle so admission is possible only in exceptional circumstances - such as international students - with each individual case being evaluated by the relevant Head of School or Admission Board.
  • 6) The Terza Media Exam result will be considered for Italian students. The other entry requirements listed in the chart will be valid for students coming from other educational systems.

Where there is equal merit, in the admission process, priority will be given to (in order):

  • - all international students; students who do not have Italian nationality; students for whom Italian is not the first language; students who have parents with mixed nationalities; students who have lived abroad for at least one year;
  • - students who already have brothers and/or sisters registered at the school.